Advantages of Hiperfloor™ polished concrete

 Visual Appeal

Polished Concrete is the forerunner in new flooring solutions. Appealing to commercial industry, retail and residential customers alike, for its beauty and versatility. Providing an aesthetically pleasing finish that suits a wide variety of projects. Polished concrete exudes a sense of style and is sought after for the ability to custom design the finish to suit each project. Selecting your finish and ingredients allows you to design the perfect recipe for a stunning, polished concrete floor. Polished concrete’s beauty, shine and elegance speaks volumes of it’s quality.

 Hard Wearing

Polished concrete floors will outlast virtually every other flooring type available and will not warp, dent, stain, scratch, crack or suffer moisture damage the way other floors will. Concrete is so durable that the Romans used a remarkably similar material to build the Colosseum and were polishing concrete surfaces over 1600 years ago! OzGrind uses a process called ‘HiPerfloor’ to harden our floors even further. Enduring consistently high traffic flows and maintaining it’s beauty with minimal maintenance, Hiperfloor Concrete Polishing fulfils the demand for a quality, economical and durable flooring solutions.

 Easy Maintenance

Polished concrete requires almost no ongoing maintenance thanks to its near impenetrable surface. A very occasional buffing will keep polished concrete looking fantastic, one of the main reasons why polished concrete is used so widely in commercial applications. Savvy home-owners are also coming around to the enormous benefits of polished concrete, as less time spent cleaning floors means more time doing the things you like.

 Environmentally Friendly

Often, our polishing jobs are done on existing concrete, the main ingredient of which is Limestone, the most common mineral on Earth. Concrete can also be made of waste byproducts from power and manufacturing facilities like fly ash and slag cement. If the concrete is newer it can include recycled glass, metal and marble chips, reducing the amount of waste in our environment. At the end of concrete’s extremely long lifespan, it can also be recycled.

Polished concrete can help to save money on your energy bills by reducing the amount of ambient lighting used in your home. The composition of concrete is perfect for use with passive solar designs and are a great choice for the environmentally conscious architect & builder.

 Value for Money

When compared to traditional flooring types, polished concrete adds incredible value for money. Not only does it last longer, but when you look at the extremely low ongoing costs of polished concrete, the value is second to none. Used commercially, the cost-effectiveness of polished concrete is a huge advantage, a major reason why more and more savvy business owners are opting for polished concrete in their shops, restaurants, warehouses and offices.

Home owners are also seeing the cost-saving benefits of polished concrete flooring. Many home-owners see choosing polished concrete over other flooring methods akin to installing a solar hot water system over electric. A very good analogy considering the environmental benefits that go along with it.

 Better for Your Health

A polished concrete floor will not support the growth of toxic mould or dust mites so are great for asthma or other allergy sufferers. Toxic mould in particular has long been associated with a wide variety of ailments, from the common headache to immune disorders and severe infections of the respiratory system.